Favorite Food

Chicken Carbonara

Favorite Books

Harry Potter & Twilight

Favorite Video Game


Favorite Color



Transformers & Fast & Furious

Type of Music

Country & Pop



AGE: 20

BIRTHDAY: July 31, 2003


  • 2018 -  Cassidy set 4 track records and all-time track records in Colorado and 2 in Livermore, California, where she also won AA/Modified World Formula securing her National Championship. At the Western and Eastern Grands, she finished top 3 in all her cars except one. Cassidy is excited about the next step in her career, which will include select National USAC .25 Midget races and getting behind the wheel in her new 600 Micro-Sprint.
  • 2019 - Cassidy finished 9th in the NOW 600 Mile High Region Series, had 2 top 5 and 9 top 10 finishes in Micro Sprints, and 2 top 10 finishes in the Pro Truck Series.
  • 2020 - Cassidy became the first female to win a Pro-Truck race at Colorado International Speedway as well as finishing 8th in points in the 51-FIFTY Jr Late Model Series at Madera Speedway. Cassidy also ran several Pro-Late Model event in preparation for the 2021 season.
  • "I am most proud that while I was racing and taking all Honors and AP courses I still maintained a 4.0 GPA in high school. I was in student- council and try to do as much community service as I can. I am also proud of the fact that the younger drivers enjoy being around me and I love being a role model for them. I make it a point to stand up for the underdog. I always speak up if someone is being bullied or picked on and if I can’t do anything, I will find someone who can," said Cassidy. 
  • 2021 - Cassidy competed in the Spears SRL Pro Late Model Series for Naake-Klauer Motorsports, where she visited victory lane at All-American Speedway. Cassidy also ran a Snap-On Tool Pro-Truck Series at Colorado National Speedway (CNS) and made her debut on the east coast with Lee Faulk Racing. Cassidy also made her Super Late Model debut at CNS. 
  • 2022 -  Cassidy returned to the SRL Pro-Late Model Series for selected races with Naake - Klauer Motorsports that included 2nd, and 9th place finishes at Kern County Raceway. Cassidy also made her debut in a Super Late Model at Colorado National Speedway, where she had 6 top-ten finishes in seven starts. Cassidy ran the Turkey Shootout at Tucson Speedway in the Super Late Model, recording 1st and 2nd place finishes in as many starts.  Cassidy also attended the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Combine in North Carolina, where she had a very successful weekend in a Late model Stock car with TRD Development Team Lee Faulk Racing. 
  • 2023 - Cassidy competed at Colorado National Speedway in her Super Late Model and Pro Truck.  She finished the season 4th in Championship points in the Pro Late Models with 3 top 5s and 7 top 10s.  She also had 2 top 10 finishes in her Super Late Model at Kern County Raceway.  Off track Cassidy is in her second year of college at Metropolitan State University of Denver.
  • 2424 - Cassidy will return to Colorado National Speedway to compete in the Super Late Model series and will also run Super Late Models at Tucson Speedway.



I would like to take advantage of the incredible gift I’ve been given, by continuing to be a smooth driver, listening to constructive criticism and by taking the advice I receive and putting it to use on the race track as I further my career in racing. I hope to continue to be a role model for younger drivers and kids, not just at the race track but in school too. I do my best to go above and beyond what is expected of me in anything I do, to always treat other’s how I want to be treated and give 100% of myself on the track not just for me but for my team. As a team we work together to show sportsmanship whether winning or losing a race, to support and respect each other, the sport and every driver on the track.